Johannes Ørland started in 1928 with one truck, a lot of courage and great faith in the future. Since then, Orland Transportation enjoyed steady growth in orders and customer base. Today we are a state of the art transport company with a diverse range of services for small and large customers.



We keep abreast of technological innovations, while also maintaining the good foundation of the company.

Ability to innovate and solid grounding in good traditions makes us proud of our heritage - and we are optimistic about the future.



Today, Ørland Transport lives in modern premises at Foss-Eikeland in Sandnes. Here we have workshop, warehouse space and a large
outdoor area. We are one of the oldest and largest transport companies in the district. As of today, we have 204 employees

Ørland Transport Fosseikeveien 15, 4323 SANDNES

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